Amanda Augustine
Office Assistant

What is your Archetype? 55% Caregiver, 30% Spiritual, 15% Advocate
What do you do at STTR?
I work in the main office doing invoicing and answering phones. I do other things as needed around the office.


Brent Blaisdell
Outside Sales

Nick name at STTR: Old Guy
What are the values that drive you: Honesty, Loyalty & Fair Play
Favorite quote: There’s an ass for every seat!

Brent Dunivin
Sales and Service

Nick name: “Dunivin” (Because there are two other Brent’s)
Favorite Quote: Work smarter not harder.
What is something that our customers deal with that you want to fix? I want STTR to be known as the honest shop that you can trust!


Grayson Dunn
Sales and Service

Nick name: Grind Master
What are the values that drive you? My Daughter and to have better things.
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working: Long-boarding.


Chris Dunthorn
Sales and Service

Nick name: Flatlander (Lived in the city; then went out to the country)
What is your credentials/past experience for working in your position at STTR: 2-Year STTR Training Course at STTR.
What is your background: 4-Years Construction Labor


Alex Firth
Service Technician


Marc Jonson
Outside Sales

My hobbies are: Classic Cars, Car Audio, Baseball
Favorite Movie: Forest Gump


John Mebane
Inventory Control / Office Staff

What do you like about STTR?
The family atmosphere; days are always different, great group of people
Retired Air Force / Federal Law Enforcement / Sales


Brent Prestwich
Operations Manager

Favorite Quote: Time is something that cannot be bought; it cannot be wagered with god, and it is not in endless supply; time is simply how  you live  your life — Craig Sager


AJ Rice
Service Technician

What are the values that drive you? Honesty, Integrity, Generosity, and Accountability
What is your favorite movie: Top Gun
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Hunting & Fishing


Mark Vanvolkenburg
Trailer Shop Foreman

Nick name: Birdman (Hit a hawk with my head while riding my Harley)
Past Experience:  Management, training courses: ABS, wheelend, structure, air system and welding: 35-years of experience in this field; over 13-years at a dealership.


David Wilkinson
Service Technician

Nick name at STTR: Diesel Dave (The boys gave it to me)
What do you do at STTR: Everything!
What do you like about working at STTR: Working with my wife =) LOL
Always learning new things and helping others that ask if I know.


Pam Wilkinson
Office Manager

What do you like about working at STTR: Not one day is the same. Not all calls are the same. Dispatching the boys, chatting the customer’s ears off and working with my husband.


Laurence "LT" Flinn


Cassie Flinn


Staff listings are in alphabetical.