Our Beginning

Our company was started from home, in 2008, as a 24/7 husband and wife operation.  Upon such honest success and hard work, the company eventually grew from a single service truck to multiple trucks plus a large shop located in Pacific, Washington (Sumner/Auburn area).

We handle a multitude of repairs on heavy, medium and light-duty trucks, trailers and RV’s.  Servicing all over Washington State.

Call us today to schedule any of your repair needs. If you find yourself broken down on the side of the road, we will gladly be there to get you back onto the road.

The Flinn's - Owners of STTR, Inc.

STTR is your number one source for repair needs. We surpass the competition, in not only value but exceptional customer service.

Our trained technicians are experienced in truck repair, trailer repair, tires, and much, much more! We are a service-oriented company that strives to meet or exceed your expectations. We have a knowledgeable, qualified staff to take care of your repairs, big or small; from wrecked semi-trailers, down to your standard preventative maintenance needs.

Looking for the most dependable company day or night that can fix or maintain your equipment in Washington State? From the big city to the laid back country, our trucks will service you 24 hours, 365 days a year.

 – Laurence T. Flinn, Owner


Shop Address

898 Valentine Ave SE, Pacific, WA 98047 (map)

Shop Address

898 Valentine Ave SE, Pacific, WA 98047 : Map & Directions : Privacy Policy : Terms of Use