The owner of Sound Truck & Trailer Repair, Laurence Flinn, recently visited Kallas Junior High to speak with students about their futures, career paths and more.  Laurence received several thank you notes from students.  In his own words, “It was a great pleasure meeting so many young minds and being a part of their education in some way. I am forever honored to have been invited.” — LT Flinn.

“Dear Mr. Laurence Flinn, I appreciate you helping me. You gave me great advice, it was great being interviewed by you and I felt that you were very (sic) great when you interviewed me. I appreciate you helping me.

–Isaac B.


“Dear Laurence Flinn, thank you for interviewing me today. It was a good learning experience and you gave me valuable information.

–Amanda B.


“Thank you for the time you gave me Laurence Flinn. Thank you for giving me (sic) good feedback.

–Unknown Author


“Dear Mr. Flinn, thank you for interviewing me today. I appreciate you taking the time to come and give me such a valuable learning experience. I will use your feedback and knowledge when I do a real interview.

–Karl L.


“Thank you so much Laurence Flinn for taking the time out of your day to interview me. Hope your day was great.

–Allie M.


Surname’s removed for privacy.