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Roadside Service

Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM
253-691-6645 : 253-987-7757

Truck & Trailer Repair Services at our Repair Shop


(253) 691-6645

Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM PST


Our Fleet Services are by hour, or contract.

At STTR, we can inspect your  fleet to insure your DOT inspection is as smooth as possible.

We provide comprehensive Annual Department of Transportation Inspections; All commercial motor vehicles (CMV) that weigh more than 10,000 pounds must undergo annual DOT inspections.

There are six primary levels of DOT inspection.   These may be conducted anywhere by a qualified DOT inspector or state police officer.

To learn more about our Fleet Services, click here.


Regular inspection, maintenance and repair will keep the driver, truck, trailer and everyone on the road with them as safe as possible.

It is important that as a truck driver, regular maintenance of your tires, drums, rotors, air cans and lines, adjusters, seals, bearings, fittings and S Cams are inspected routinely. Our shop in Pacific, WA has all the equipment and tools to get the job down right the first time and you back on the road.

When should brakes be serviced?

Set up a routine plan for having your brakes checked for signs of wear and need for replacement. The driving habits of the driver and the route taken regularly, including tire wear, poor suspension and overloading  issues will weigh significantly on the frequency of inspections.


Just like other major components of a commercial vehicle, especially a semi truck and trailer—the air system is a critical component that contributes to safety and comfort. Air systems include: air compressor, D-2 governor, air dryer, air tank and reserve, valves, brake chambers, air lines etc.

Proper inspection and maintenance is crucial to keeping you on the road and not on the sidelines.

Had an electrical conflict after a car crashed into me. Called Sound Truck and Trailer Repair and they immediately told me to come over. They immediately inspected and got to work on it. Rewired and made it look like new. Customer service and the entire staff is excellent, really cool, and easy-going. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND and will be returning here for truck and trailer repairs. I appreciate you all.

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